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Traffic Advertiser/Reseller - Private Label

No Setup Fee - No Monthly Fee!
Limited Time Offer Only!

Are you a Webmaster, Website Developer or Website Development Company looking for a more customised traffic solution for you or your clients?

TopTrafficWholeSaler.com provides advertiser, reseller traffic accounts that utilise our online advertising network that is one of the biggest online advertising companies on the Internet.

This unique system makes it possible for you, as an advertiser or reseller to advertise your ads or to resell our services to your clients transparently and at a fraction of the cost of our normal plans. The reseller plans can be divided up into smaller accounts and resold for any amount. The control panels you provide to your clients can be branded by your own company. We manage the system; you simply manage your clients.


Advertising revenues surged to $31 billion for the full year ending in 2012, which represents an increase of over 22% over the same period in 2010. This came about as a result of the 15% increase in revenue in the fourth period as compared with the third period (IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, 2012).
With the aim of sharing a part of the new advertising world, you are welcome to join Our Online Advertising Network, which is one of the Biggest Online Advertising Companies on the Internet.

Our advertising networks serve over 900 million impressions per month with over 150,000 websites in its networks. With the enormous traffic volume and different targeting technology, our online Display advertising networks have been proven to bring higher conversions to our existing advertisers.

It is increasing at a rapid rate of 25% or more per month. Currently, our networks rank within the top 100 at ranking.com. These advertising networks are well known in the online advertising industry and are within the Top 200 in the Alexa Rankings. We consistently endeavor to provide a level of service that is unmatched by our competitors.

We offer a broad array of solutions that meet the needs of ad agencies and advertisers who require the focus of site-specific targeting, both demographic and geographic, or run-of-network (untargeted) campaigns targeted to their needs.

Moreover, as a Private Label Traffic Reseller, there are no more limitations. We give you the ability to provide professional traffic services to your clients. We provide you all the tools you will need to succeed and grow as your own traffic company. With the most advanced Private Label Traffic Software available today you are now in the driver's seat to make more money.

Our reseller plans are built-to-order. If you would like to order a reseller traffic account, or simply to inquire about one, please contact the sales department to discuss your needs. You can also email us at
Let us show you how TopTrafficWholeSaler.com can offer you with the best Reseller's Control Panel and the best dedicated service around.

Before finalising your decision
we encourage you to do some research yourself to find out what the other
companies offer you and compare it with what we offer by logging in and reviewing
 our reseller's control panel as it is one of the best private label reseller software available on the net and

Best Of All It's FREE! NO Set Up Fees! NO Monthly Fees!

The demo version of reseller/advertiser's has been set up and you can review our most powerful interface which has several features (the links on the left menu) that might interest you at:

     Login URL:  http://www.yourstats.net/advertisers/
     Username:  ttwsdemo2
     Password:  ttwsdemo2

Please also take a closer look at Our Very Low Wholesale prices (after login) at:
     Login URL:  http://www.yourstats.net/advertisers/price.php OR 
     After login click Rate Card/Quote Prices on the left menu.

  Sign Up Online & Start Campaign Now!
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Sign Up Online & Start Campaign Now!
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Or Contact Us For More Details

Greatest Place To Choose - Lowest Price To Get
Why TopTrafficWholesaler.com?

No Setup fees, No Monthly or Annually fees!

Our Online Advertising Network is one of the Biggest Online Advertising Companies on the Internet.

Best wholesale prices, Best services around. It is truly beneficial and profitable for both Web Owner, Web Administrator or Reseller.

Offer you the Best Private Label Reseller Software. Your clients will not know that you are our reseller.

It's a guarantee that you will get real traffic, real visitors to yourself, your clients.

Provide the Raw Log of the campaign for traffic verification.

Sell to Anyone, Anywhere in the world at a Any price you wish.

Start selling Real Traffic Instantly through the Most Powerful Reseller's Control Panel.

Your clients never see a company name or any reference to us whatsoever, you bill your customers whatever you like, we provide the traffic

You do not really need a website, some of our top resellers simply sell by advertising their services.

We provide Login Accounts for you and for each of your clients.

Offer Any Type of On line website advertising.

There are cheaper web traffic prices from other companies which you might find around. Please be careful of their quality and performance. Our Off-Network PopUnder's rates could match these prices or even better..
But ultimately, we would suggest that you should not deal with the Off-Network traffic because of their quality and performance.

Finally, you have come to the right place to do the online advertising business and get the benefit for Your Own Website, for Your Own Company or just make more money by offering the services to others. If you need any further information please contact us.



  Sign Up Online & Start Campaign Now!
(For Advertiser Account)
Sign Up Online & Start Campaign Now!
(For Reseller Account)


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